Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Sunset on the Grand Canal

Or more specifically, sunset as reflected on (or in) the windows of Ca' Fontana Rezzonico Rech, whose rather dramatically tilted architectural elements around the second window at left serve as evidence of the way in which Venetian palazzi were constructed to allow different parts of them to settle at very different rates without causing the building to break apart.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Details, Details: Here Comes the Sun at Palazzo Miani Coletti Giusti

I can tell you that the Palazzo Miani Coletti Giusti, which houses part of the art collection of Baron Giorgio Franchetti (the bulk of which is more famously situated at its illustrious next-door-neighbor Ca' D'Oro), was completed in 1766 and designed by the Venice-born architect Antonio Visentini, who, three decades earlier, had gained prominence as the engraver or Canaletto's first series of Venetian views. I can't, however, tell you who these two busts high on the facade of Palazzo Miani Coletti Giusti are supposed to be--but I suspect someone might do so in the comments below.

Monday, December 26, 2016

The Calm Waters of Christmas Day: 3 Views

I can't say exactly how much Peace on Earth there actually was yesterday (much less "goodwill toward men," as the carol goes), and the calli and campi in the historic center were certainly busy enough, but there was a rare calm on the waters of Venice, especially the Grand Canal, which, combined with the sunshine, made it a wonderful day to be out in a boat. I often wonder about the wisdom of taking a gondola ride down the Grand Canal on most days, as the all the typical boat traffic must make it something less than a relaxing trip. But if you're intent on doing so I don't know that you could schedule a better day for it than Christmas day, when for long stretches of time the line of palazzi reflected in the water is only pleasantly rumpled, altering like the sheen on a piece of rumpled silk or velvet, rather than obliterated by moto ondoso.